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Programs - Butik Design Rooms

The Csapcse Beach is offering a variety of extreme water sport activities! Test your abilites! Try water skiing, wakeboard, jetski or the unique wakesurf, flyboard and air-sup options, only available in Hungary! Relax your muscles after sport with our floating jakuzzi with a delicious cocktail in your hand or enjoy the dazzling sun and lake Tisza’s unique surrounding at our 180m2 VIP pier.

Flyboard - 25000 HUF/ 20 minutes

The exciting experience of Airboard is also available on Csapcse Beach! Let yourself carried away with the boundless feeling of freedom! Visit us and experience what it feels like to fly 10 meter above the ground. It is very easy to learn and it is not as dangerous as it seems.

Wakesurf - 7000 HUF/ 10 minutes

This wakesurf opportunity is a unique way to experience extreme sports in the region at Csapcse Beach VIP pier. You can ride the waves without any strings attached.

Wakeboard - 7000 HUF/ 10 minutes

Try how it feels like to glide freely with extreme speed on the sparkling water! The experience is guaranteed whether you are experienced  or beginner in wakeboarding. 

Waterski - 7000 HUF/ 10 minutes

This easy to learn, popular sport will offer you a lot of fun whether you are experienced or beginner in water sports.

Air Sup renting - 2000 Ft/ half hour, 3500 Ft/ hour

The world has been concquered by this new form of extreme sport! Now it is the time for you to experience this new form of movement! If you are looking for a more relaxing way to spend your time, then take a cruise on lake Tisza’s romantic coves and beaches with Air Sup.

Motorboating - 34900 HUF/ hour

More than just a water sport experience! Want to ride the waves? Or you would prefer a relaxing boat ride? Upon your request, everything is possible and  fun is guaranteed!

Rent a Bike - 3700 HUF/ day

Take a bicycle ride along the eye pleasing bank of lake Tisza, on Europe’s flattest cycling route. 

Rent a Segway - 9500 HUF/ hour

The Segway tour gives you the opportunity to enjoy parks, natural resorts, national parks and forests while you are on the move. Even the extreme surface can’t hold our guests back, this is how Segway can challenge its noisy „off-road” alternative.

One day trips with VIP buses

Explore the magical nature and natural world of lake Tisza! Exploring nature is one of the most relaxing activity if you want to leave the city’s hustle and bustle behind.  

Theme Dinner parties

Special „Hello Fish” fish dinner with varied and colorful dishes followed by wine tasting, pool party featured by barbeque party or a romantic dinner at the bank of lake Tisza? We offer a large variety of exclusive gastronomy programs every Saturday night throughout the summer. 


Treat yourself with us with a healing massage, which is the oldest way of natural healing therapy. Massages are not only soothing for the body but for the soul as well. Relaxation is guaranteed!


For those guests who would like to forget about their long and stressful day and would like to enjoy the perks of a sauna.


Complete relaxation in the world of bubbles! Enjoy our outdoor jakuzzi at our VIP pier with the stunning view of Lake Tisza.


Start your day with 10 minutes of yoga. A few simple yoga asana by the pool or at our VIP pier will help you start your day fully refreshed.


No matter if you would like to swim or just get caressed by the water, you can get refreshed in our pool for sure! The 14 meter long heatable swimming pool with light therapy and massage will ensure this to you.

Csapcse Beach

More than just a beach!

Our hotel offers a unique service to our guests at Csapcse Beach! Our guests with room & wellness reservation can use the pier for free as a VIP treatment.

Csapcse Beach’s pier is a perfect location to organize events, bachelor and bachelorette’s parties or birthdays.

VIP  services at our VIP pier


Complete relaxation in the world of bubbles! Enjoy our outdoor jakuzzi at our VIP pier with the stunning view of Lake Tisza.

Street workout

Workout outdoors! You don’t need any expensive gym equipments. Take a step back and use your own bodyweight! Street workout is a type of sport using your own bodyweight, which is originated from calisthenics technique.


Our own  180m2 pier functions as the hotels VIP beach with bar, toilets and beach chairs.

Lounge music

Calm lounge music is playing in the background for you to relax.

Beach Bar

Refreshing drinks, light lunches and snacks without standing in line.

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